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    Life Post Sandy Hook

    The massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school changed us forever, changing our concept of peaceful, changing what it is like to be engaged with a purpose, turning school time into something different than before.  Our everyday life continuously migrates, migrates away from those safe memories of playing without concern, in imaginary space, playing without worry because when it is time for stopping the adults will give a signal, a signal for time to eat or time to change from math to art class.

    Now the adults talk about arming other adults who will work at the schools, the teachers will be armed, too. Armed teachers cannot allow children to abandon themselves in an imaginary space unconcerned about what they are doing, learning math during math time, learning to use watercolors during art time, playing on the playground after lunch. The teachers cannot relax, they have to carry guns and worry about something, something no one talks about to each other, mental problems cannot be discussed, people who become violent cannot be discussed. Teachers need other adults to tell them when everything appears to be all right. No one relaxes enough for the imaginary space to appear, the space where everyone makes mistakes, then corrects them and corrects them again, the space where everything is all right because minds just continue to consider the bits and pieces of information being put into imagination until something makes sense, and once it makes sense the brilliant light shines for that one second when the sensible becomes something that has been learned, learned that day at school.

    Our lives continue to migrate, flowing on the information, information being transmitted, data being absorbed and expelled at differing rates and intensities depending on our need, depending on how easily we disappear into that unencumbered imaginary space, depending on whether each one of us can stay there, imagining, for the full period allotted to do so. The massacre at Sandy Hook might have made gaining entrance to that imaginary space harder to do for a lot of us, harder because the place has changed, the atmosphere feels different, the act of abandonment is not so easy anymore.